Calhoun County District 5

Derek's Plan

I just wanted to let you know that I am running for District 5 County Commissioner. As a County Commissioner I will bring a valuable and unique set of skills to the board which I believe will help our county thrive.

A major expenditure of our county's budget goes to fund our police and fire departments. In the past I have worked with the Battle Creek Police Department as a juvenile liaison and dispatcher. I believe that my background working with the BCPD would bring a fresh perspective to the county board on both budget and policy issues.

A major issue in our county has been the worsening state of our roads. As an Emmett Township Trustee, I am often asked what we plan to do to fix this problem. I support the road commission task force and I'm a firm believer that with the right leadership we can improve our roads without asking for more tax dollars.

Improving our county is a goal we can only reach by working together.  I hope you will consider supporting me in my effort to become your County Commissioner. 
  • Fixing Our County's Broken Roads
  • Reducing The County Government's Wastful Spending
  • Protecting The Livelihoods of Our Community's Farmers
  • Helping Business And Job Creators Grow In The County
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